Traci Wilton: Mrs. Morris and the Wolfman

Salem B & B #7

Mrs. Morris and the Wolfman is Traci Wilton’s seventh book in her Salem, Massachusetts, B&B mystery series. In it, we follow Charlene Morris as she endeavors to unravel the mysterious death at the newly renovated town theater. While Charlene primarily runs a B&B and spends most of her time focusing on the happiness of her guests and the well-being of her family, she is always happy to try and help her community. Especially with the additional help of her B&B’s friendly resident ghost and former physician, Jack. Eternity is a long time for someone to haunt a place, and Jack has happily taken up crime solving to pass the time, but he’s also dedicated to trying to keep Mrs. Morris safe. With ghostly Jack at the B&B, Detective Sam Holden, and her metaphorically adopted teenage assistant and friend Avery, Charlene never finds herself wanting for support in her adventures. read more

Christin Brecher: Mugshots of Manhattan

Snapshot of NYC #2

Christin Brecher’s second book in her Snapshot of NYC mystery series, Mugshots of Manhattan, has photographer Liv Spyers tossed into the high drama, high energy world of pop stars. She’s managed to score an assignment as the only photographer allowed at, and behind the scenes of, Grammy Award-winning pop star Bisa at a massive event. Concerts and a movie release revolving around Bisa’s new songs is the event of the century. The whole city has Bisa madness, and Liv is excited to be along for the ride. But the life of stars turns out to be more dramatic and dangerous than anyone could have predicted. Bisa’s estranged sister Anna crashes the party, and leaves a whirlwind of chaos and potential PR nightmares in her wake. After experiencing Anna’s rather dynamic personality up close, the last thing Liv expects is to find her dead. read more

Olivie Blacke: A Fatal Groove

Record Shop #2

This kick ass new series delivers on plot, character and setting.  I was a fan of book one (Vinyl Resting Place), and this sophomore effort from Blacke is just as strong.  Set in small town Texas, sisters Junie, Tansy and Maggie run a combo coffee-vinyl record shop, drawing collectors from nearby music capital, Austin.  As this book opens, Sip & Spin is manning a booth at the local bluebonnet festival (google an image, Texas bluebonnets are stunning), selling coffee and DJing in between live music sets. read more

Valerie Burns: Murder is a Piece of Cake

Baker Street #2

Valerie Burns’ second book in her Baker Street series is Murder is a Piece of Cake. Madison Montgomery, known as Maddy to most, runs the local Baby Cakes bakery in New Bison Springs, which, along with her lovable English Mastiff, Baby, were left to her by her great-aunt Octavia. Together they are trying to make a life in this new town, leaving behind a life of superficial living. Her prior goals consisted of being a trophy wife to a wealthy doctor, but thanks to great-aunt Octavia providing the opportunity to do so, Maddy is making a life for herself in New Bison Springs, embracing the challenge, and loving it. She has a group of close friends, an adoring dog, and even a new relationship with local veterinarian Michael Portman. As she is learning how to bake and run a business, she also knows how to keep her social media profile active and engaged through all her #’s scattered throughout the book. With renovations going well at the bakery, Maddy does indeed seem to be #thriving. read more

Leslie Meier: Mother of the Bride Murder

Lucy Stone #38

Leslie Meier’s 38th addition to her Lucy Stone Mystery series is Mother of the Bride Murder.  Lucy’s oldest daughter, Elizabeth, is going to have an extravagant wedding in France and the entire family is invited. Lucy is excited at the prospect of not only her eldest daughter getting married, but also of having an excuse to get her entire family together. There are several obstacles facing different members of the family, from financial constraints to just worrying about not fitting in with another culture. read more

Hannah Dennison: Danger at the Cove

This is the second installment in the charming Island Sisters series, set in Britain’s Scilly Isles.  Sisters Evie and Margot have taken over an old hotel and are managing it for the owner, though they are on the hook for repairs, which are turning out to be massive.  As the book opens, they are a few days out from their grand re-opening, and they are working full tilt to get everything ready in time.

Because the books are set on the tiny island of Treggarick Rock, accessible only by boat and at certain times because of high or low tide, every story is going to be essentially a locked room mystery.  Because the décor of the hotel calls back to the 30’s, this adds a decidedly golden age feel to the proceedings. read more

Serena Kent: Death in Avignon

This was a delicious slice of armchair travel – I have never personally been to Provence, but I think my new life goal might be to get there.  Serena Kent’s British heroine, Penelope Kite, has started over in Provence after a divorce and seeing her children out of the nest.  She’s rehabbed a gorgeous old stone farmhouse (I’m assuming it’s gorgeous, because, by the sound of the book, everything in Provence is gorgeous). She lives a pleasant life walking into the village for croissants, eating lots of incredible sounding meals, drinking wine that sounds just as luscious, practicing her cello, and oh yes – she has a flair for detection. read more