Carol J. Perry: Now You See It

Witch City #13

Carol J. Perry’s thirteenth book in her Witch City Mystery series is the delightful addition Now You See it. In it, Salem’s local reporter and scryer, Lee Mondello, once more finds herself drawn into solving not just a murder, but a possible heist as well. As a scryer, Lee is both blessed and cursed with the gifts of sight. Mirrors, pools of water, and even the metallic surface of an elevator door can sometimes trigger images to appear before her. The images don’t always tell a comprehensive story, and sometimes they are just a still frame like a picture, but they all inevitably help Lee to unravel any mysteries surrounding her life. Her husband, Pete, is a local Salem police detective, and while he believes in his wife and her gifts, he prefers to deal in the real and provable. It makes sense – a police detective can’t very well arrest someone based on his wife claiming to have seen something in the nearby fishbowl. Lee isn’t offended, as she knows physical evidence is crucial to getting criminals to stay behind bars. But turning visions into evidence can be a little tricky.

In Now You See it, Lee has been assigned by WICH-TV to cover the Salem International Museum’s newest exhibit Seafaring New England. Before she can even get into the Museum, a death darkens the venue. Given the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body, foul play is suspected, and thanks to a vision, Lee now feels bound to helping find the killer. Luckily, her job puts her in ideal position to snoop around the Museum and to speak with all those involved in the event. Her beloved Aunt Ibby and her best friend and fellow mystic, River North, are also ready to help her crack the case and  unravel her visions. And one can’t forget her trusty cat O’Ryan who has an uncanny ability to help point out vital clues and warn his two favorite ladies, Ibby and Lee, of any impending danger. This Salem dream team is eager to put their heads together to figure out who could have done in the unfortunate truck driver, and why. All the while, Lee also tries to complete her documentary on the Museum, dodge fellow reporter Scott, who is more than a little insensitive, and be present and active in her family life as well.

This is the first of Carol Perry’s works that I have read, and even though it was the thirteenth book in the series I was able to keep track of characters and relationships thanks to small recaps at the start. This is a cozy for those who prefer their amateur sleuths to be down to earth, family focused, and a little magical. It isn’t just her visions that drive Lee to solve the murders, but a desire for the truth that also fuels her reporting career. This cozy also focuses on Lee and Pete’s relationship and how they balance their lives and work with each other. It was nice to read about a couple that was so open and honest with each other, in all matters of their lives. I would recommend Now You See it to anyone looking for a fun Salam based adventure complete with intrigue, love, and a little bit of actual magic.        – Carla Schantz