Titles Read in Aunt Agatha’s Book Club

This is list of books we’ve read in our book club (updated in June of 2019), and it might be a good reading journey if you are looking for a new one.  Titles with an asterisk indicate a book the group was especially passionate about.  Fun trivia:  we’ve read 4 books by one author who writes under several different names and there are two father & daughter pairs, as well as one husband & wife pair. Happy reading!

Abbott, Megan (author appearance) The Song is You
Abbott, Megan You Will Know Me
*Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Keeper of Lost Causes
Ahmad, A.X. (author Skype call in) The Caretaker (Tori B. asked great questions)
Airth, Rennie River of Darkness
Akunin, Boris The Winter Queen
Alexander, Tasha And Only to Deceive
Alexander, Tasha Death in the Floating City
Allingham, Margery Sweet Danger
Allyn, Doug (author appearance) A Dance in Deep Water
Andrews, Donna (author appearance) Murder with Puffins
Arruda, Suzanne Mark of the Lion
Atkinson, Kate Case Histories
Ballantyne, Lisa The Guilty One
Bannister, Jo No Birds Sing
Beinhart, Larry The Librarian
Bell, David (author call in) Somebody I Used to Know
Black, Cara (author appearance) Murder in the Marais
*Bolton, Sharon (S.J.) Sacrifice (Linda A. brought in a book of Shetland Island Photos)
Bowen, Rhys Murphy’s Law
Box, C.J. Open Season
Branch, Pamela The Wooden Overcoat
Brand, Christianna Fog of Doubt (very small turnout, great discussion)
Brogan, Jan A Confidential Source

Burke, Alafair The Wife

Burke, James Lee The Neon Rain

Camilleri, Andrea The Shape of Water
Carlson, P.M. Audition for Murder
Carr, Caleb The Alienist
*Casey, Jane The Burning
Castillo, Linda (author appearance) Breaking Silence
Castillo, Linda Sworn to Silence
*Caudwell, Sarah Thus Was Adonis Murdered
*Chandler, Raymond The Big Sleep (highest attendance of men ever!)
Chercover, Sean Big City, Bad Blood
Child, Lee The Enemy
Christie, Agatha Murder on the Orient Express
*Cleeves, Anne Raven Black
Cleland, Jane Consigned to Death
Cleverly, Barbara The Last Kashmiri Rose
Cleverly, Barbara The Tomb of Zeus
Coben, Harlan Tell No One
Cockey, Tim The Hearse You Came in On
Cohen, Jeffrey As Dog is My Witness

Constantine, K.C. Bottom Liner Blues (so heartily disliked people only came to say they hated this book and then left)
Copperman, E.J. (author appearance) Night of the Living Deed
Copperman, E.J. The Question of the Missing Head
Cohen, Jeffrey Some Like it Hot-Buttered
Connelly, Michael The Last Coyote
Connolly, Sheila Buried in a Bog
*Cook, Thomas (author appearance) Red Leaves
*Cotterill, Colin The Coroner’s Lunch
Cotterill, Colin Killed at the Whim of a Hat
*Crais, Robert LA Requiem
Crais, Robert The Monkey’s Raincoat
*Crais, Robert Suspect
Crombie, Deborah Dreaming of the Bones
Crombie, Deborah Water Like a Stone
Daniels, Casey (author appearance) Don of the Dead
Day, Diane Emperor Norton’s Ghost
Deaver, Jeffrey The Bone Collector

Denfeld, Rene The Child Finder

Dobson, Joanne Quieter than Sleep
Downing, David The Dark Clouds Shining
Elkins, Aaron Old Bones
Ellis, David Line of Vision
Erickson, K.J. The Last Witness
Estleman, Loren D. (author appearance) Never Street
Fairstein, Linda Entombed
Fiffer, Sharon (author appearance) Wrong Stuff
Fossum, Karin Don’t Look Back
Fradkin, Barbara (author appearance) None so Blind
Frazer, Margaret The Novice’s Tale
Freeman, Brian (author appearance) The Cold Nowhere
*French, Tana Broken Harbor
*French, Tana In the Woods

Gayle, Stephanie Idyll Hands

*Glass, Leslie Stealing Time
Goff, Christine (author appearance) Death Takes a Gander
Gordon, Alan (author appearance) Thirteenth Night
Grant, Andrew (author appearance) Even
George, Elizabeth For the Sake of Elena
*Gruber, Michael Tropic of Night
Gruley, Brian (author appearance) The Hanging Tree
*Griffiths, Elly The Crossing Places
Haddam, Jane Wanting Sheila Dead
Hamilton, Denise (author appearance) Sugar Skull
Hamilton, Steve A Cold Day in Paradise
Hamilton, Steve The Lock Artist
Hannah, Sophie The Wrong Mother
Handler, David The Cold Blue Blood
Harris, Chalaine Grave Sight
*Harris, Charlaine Shakespeare’s Landlord
Hart, Erin False Mermaid
Hart, Erin Haunted Ground
Hawkins, Paula The Girl on the Train
Heiter, Elizabeth (author appearance) Hunted
Hellman, Libby Fischer (author appearance) An Eye for Murder
Herriman, Nancy No Comfort for the Lost
Heywood, Joseph (author appearance) Ice Hunter
Hillerman, Anne Rock with Wings
Hillerman, Tony The Blessing Way
Hirahara, Naomi Snakeskin Shamesin
Hoag, Peter Smilla’s Sense of Snow
Holden, Craig (author appearance) The River Sorrow
*Huber, Anna Lee (author appearance) The Anatomist’s Wife
Hyzy, Julie The State of the Onion
Indridison, Arnuldur Jar City
James, P.D. Shroud for a Nightingale
Jennings, Maureen Season of Darkness
Jennings, Maureen Under the Dragon’s Tail
*Keller, Julia The Killing in the Hills
*Kellerman, Faye The Ritual Bath
Kincaid, M.G. (author appearance) Last Seen in Aberdeen
King, Jonathan (author appearance) The Blue Edge of Midnight
King, Laurie R. A Grave Talent
King, Laurie R. To Play the Fool (Discussion led by JoEllyn Clarey)
Koryta, Michael The Prophet
Koryta, Michael Tonight I Said Goodbye
Kramer, Julie (author appearance) Stalking Susan
Krich, Rochelle (author appearance) Angel of Death
Krueger, William Kent Iron Lake
Lackberg, Camilla The Ice Princess
LeCarre, John The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

*Lehane, Dennis Mystic River

Leotta, Allison (author appearance) A Good Killing
Leotta, Allison The Last Good Girl
Lippman, Laura (author appearance) Charm City
Lippman, Laura The Girl in the Green Raincoat
Lippman, Laura What the Dead Know
Logue, Mary Frozen Stiff
Longworth, M.L. Death at the Chateau Bremont
Lowe, Sheila (author appearance) Written in Blood
Lutz, Lisa The Spellman Files
MacNeal, Susan Elia Princess Elizabeth’s Spy
Malliet, G.M. Wicked Autumn
Maron, Margaret Last Days of Summer
Maron, Margaret Winter’s Child
Marsh, Ngaio Death of a Peer
*Marwood, Alex The Darkest Secret
*Massey. Sujata The Widows of Malabar Hill
Matthews, jason Red Sparrow
McBain, Ed Mischief
McCall-Smith, Alexander The #1 Ladies Detective Agency
McCrumb, Sharyn The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
McCrumb, Sharyn Sick of Shadows
McDermid, Val Fever at the Bone
*McDermid, Val A Place of Execution
McGown, Jill Murder at the Old Vicarage
Milchman, Jenny (author appearance) Ruin Falls
*Miller, Derek B. Norwegian by Night
Mizushima, Margaret Killing Trail
Montgomery, Jess (author appearance) The Widows
Moore, Graham The Sherlockian
Morgan, Deborah (author appearance) Death is a Caberet
Muller, Marcia Pennies on a Dead Woman’s Eyes (first book ever!)
Neely, Barbara Blanche on the Lam
Newman, Sharan Death Comes as Epiphany

Paretsky, Sara Deadlock

Penny, Louise Still Life
*Penny, Louise (author appearance) A Fatal Grace
*Pickard, Nancy The Virgin of Small Plains
Pintoff, Stephanie In the Shadow of Gotham
Quartey, Kwei Wife of the Gods
Quinn, Spencer To Fetch a Thief
Rader-Day, Lori (author appearance) The Day I Died
Rankin, Ian Knots and Crosses
*Rendell, Ruth A Dark Adapted Eye
Rendell, Ruth A Judgement in Stone (Vicki K brought the appropriate opera soundtrack)
Rhodes, Kate Crossbones Yard
Robb, Candace The Apothecary Rose
Robertson, Michael The Baker Street Translation
*Robinson, Peter In a Dry Season
Rosenfelt, David Don’t Tell a Soul
Rozan, S.J. Ghost Hero
Rust, Megan Mallory Dead Stick
Sansom, C.J. Dissolution
*Sayers, Dorothy L. Gaudy Night
See, Lisa The Flower Net
Shames, Terry A Risky Undertaking for Loretta Singletary
Silva, Daniel The Kill Artist
Sims, Elizabeth (author appearance) The Actress
Slaughter, Karin Cop Town
Slaughter, Karen Indelible
Smith, Carrie (author appearance) Silent City
Smith, Carrie (author appearance) Forgotten City
*Smith, Tom Rob Child 44
Speart, Jessica (author appearance) Blue Twilight
*Spencer-Fleming, Julia In the Bleak Midwinter
*Stabenow, Dana A Cold Day for Murder
*Stanley, Michael (author appearance) A Carrion Death
*Stevens, Chevy (author appearance) Still Missing

St. James, Simone The Broken Girls
St James, Simone An Inquiry into Love and Death
Stout, Rex The Father Hunt
*Sundstol, Vidar Only the Dead
Swanson, Denise (author appearance) Murder of a Small Town Honey (Denise brought her mom and did personality tests for all who attended)
Swanson, Denise Nickled and Dimed to Death
Taylor, Sarah Stewart O’ Artful Death
Tey, Josephine Miss Pym Disposes
Thomas, Ross The Fools in Town Are on Our Side (discussion lead by mystery bookseller Jim Huang)
Thomas, Sam (author appearance) The Midwife’s Tale
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Astor Place
Thompson, Victoria Murder on Morningside Heights
Todd, Charles A Test of Wills
Vargas, Fred A Climate of Fear
Watson, S.J. Before I Go to Sleep
Ware, Ruth In a Dark, Dark Wood
Willig, Lauren The Ashford Affair
*Winspear, Jacqueline Maisie Dobbs