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We have many, many books, used and new, that are not listed on our website, about 25,000 in all. Come in and browse and find a treasure, or give us a call or drop us an email to inquire. You can also search our inventory and order titles via our ABE Books page.

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“We all must deal with our shadows the best we can. No one can conquer them for us.”
—Anna Lee Huber, The Anatomist’s Wife

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Signed books available soon:
Let us know if you want an inscription! Just email us to reserve a signed copy.
The Suspicion At Sandition, Carrie Bebris
The Masque Of A Murderer, Susanna Calkins
A Study In Death, Anna Lee Huber
The Witch Hunter’s Tale, Sam Thomas

Signed books still available:
The Question Of The Missing Head, E.J. Copperman
The Killing: Uncommon Denominator, Karen Dionne
You Know Who Killed Me, Loren D. Estleman
None So Blind, Barbara Fradkin
By Book or By Crook, Eva Gates (Vicky Delaney)
The Governor’s Wife, Michael Harvey
America’s Murder Houses, Steve Lehto
A Good Killing, Allison Leotta
The Nature of the Beast, Louise Penny (available 8/25)
Murder Boy, Bryon Quertermous

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Aunt Agatha’s won the 2014 Raven Award, presented by Mystery Writers of America! Established in 1953, the award recognizes outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing.

We are absolutely thrilled and astonished to be the recipient of the Raven Award! We feel we have been privileged for twenty-one years to share our passion for mysteries with readers and to put forward the work of writers we love. We are really grateful to the Mystery Writers of America for this wonderful honor.
—Robin and Jamie

This video by Kelly Nichols was shown at the ceremony: